Book 30-Day Challenge: Day 18 - A book that disappointed you

Oh, hands down, the book that disappointed me the most is Tana French’s In the Woods.

It’s not like this book was bad. It was a very enjoyable book and well-written, but the mystery I really wanted to find out wasn’t really solved.

The premise of this novel involves the main character, Rob Ryan, having to face his own personal demons of his past. When younger, he went into the woods with his friends and he came back drenched in blood, but his two friends are never found. As a detective, he has to go back to those same woods to investigate the murder of another child. While the latter mystery is solved and Ryan is faced with having to try to remember his suppressed memories, it never comes to fruition. I just became so disappointed in not being able to find out what happened to his friends and how he got away. 

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